Mango tree - not fruiting

Mango tree is shedding leaves for last three months since may 2013. it did not give any mangoes this year though flowering was there. I put kadulimba pend but no use. can I get a solution please

[li]How old is the tree?[/li]
[li]What variety is it? (some varieties bear alternate years)[/li]
[li]Is the tree under shade?[/li]
[li]Did you apply any fertilizers other than the neem cake you mentioned?[/li]
[li]How is the tree watered? Is there any water logging?[/li]
[li]Did you prune/cut back any branches/twigs?[/li]
[li]It helps if you can post some pictures[/li][/ul]

the mango tree is 14 years old. almost all leaves shredded. last year it had apple borer insects found they were destroyed by removing from main trunk and tree was ok. and it had flowering also this dec but after that flowers shredded and now leaves are shredding…

I can think of a few possibilities, assuming water logging is not the problem.

Can you check the trunk if the stem borers are persisting? You should seed some holes with chewed up/excreted bark hanging around the holes. That seems a likely reason in which case, you will need to plug the holes after injecting some insecticide into the holes. Just a few borers have the potential to kill the tree.

Can you also check some of the roots to see if there are any rot symptoms? Most often that would be a fungal infection.

Also rule out termites attacking the tree, which should show up as mud lined tunnels over the branches.

Is this a tree from a graft or a seed?