Malabarneem plantation and profitable returns

Dear forum friends
With an aim to involve with nature took up cultivation of agricultural land in 7 acres of our farm in a village in rentachintala mandal guntur dist of ap. Till then i was working in a pesticide company (adama india pvt ltd)at field level. Generally my area is block soil with drainage with sufficient water resources. General crops grown in this area are cotton chillies paddy which are traditional not giving good profits.
As i was advised by well wishers that malabarneem would be profitable and produce wood in 7 years . So i also planted about 900 seedlings in two acres two months ago. So nowadays much debate is going on malabarneem thatmany people discouraged me that Malabarneem wood market was not established so wood fetch an amount of 15-18 lacks in seven years of time is not possible. Kindly what would be the advice of our forum members even it is not sold for plywood and timber it can be used as biomass ? what would be price of wood for biomass? how many tonnes of biomass would be available from an acre of malabarnee plantation (450 Plants)?. What kind of cultivation shall i proceed with remaining five acres of land to get consistant income ?. Rainfall is moderate in monsoon and summer is hot upto 45 degrees with borewell facility and block soil. What efforts i shall made to improve organic carbon content and wanted to introduce organic methods of cultivation. Warm regads

With regard to the second part of the question on how to improve carbon content and introduce organic methods of farming…

I have written couple of notes on my farm page…do read up.



Hope this helps.