Mail to children of Mother earth

Hi children of Mother earth ,

I want to connect with you on my experience on organic farming .I am a corporate employee working for past 11 years but with agriculture roots through my ancestors and my father’s ever lasting thrist for agriculture .

So the time period goes back to 2016 when 7 like minded citizens joined together through a single persons effort.We met up for 1st in person discussion at a place near T Nagar at one of the members tuition center .First introduction was impressive and effective to learn each persons inclination towards making mother nature chemical free .We all 7 are with different background from school teacher,IT professional,lawyer , Green energy professional , and two business persons .

With the introduction , we have 4 rounds of discussion before zeroing in on a agriculture land to be leased out which is located inside chennai city limit .We all are in happy mood when the same was at a arm distance to start our dream come true .Here comes the villian for the movie with the owner of the land want us to register ourself as a company .

The story continues …

Lets hear more of the story…