Machineries for dairy farm

Dear friends,
I am planning for a dairy farm with 100 buffaloes that would be escalated to 300 in next 2-3 years. Can anyone advise me for the best and cost effective machine brands available in India especially in Uttar Pradesh?

  1. Diesel Generator (brand and the KVA rating like 40 KVA/62.5 KVA)
  2. TMR unit (for mixing of dry, green and concentrates feed/fodder for cattles)
  3. Grinder (Chakki for grinding cereals to prepare concentrate feeds at the farm itself)
  4. Chaff cutter machine
  5. Transformer (Is it really required?)
    Waiting for your suggestions and guidance.

Devraj Singh Bhadauria
Mob & whatsapp: 8100068008