Lost 12 sheeps in last 15 days--Any solutions

I’m based out in Chintamani and here the temp is hovering around 36-38 deg.
We have GI shed with good ventilation from all sides. Ceiling height is about 10ft.
Our nati sheeps are in the shed frm 11am to 4pm and frm 7pm till morning 7am

this is the first summer we are facing and due to summer heat we have lost 12 sheeps in last 15 days.
Sheep stop eating and after a day or two will not be able to even stand and later die.

Three different vets visited the shed and mentioned that they are dying due to heat.

Others practicing stall-feed are facing this problems and how are you dealing with it.

We are been advised to

  1. paint the top of the ceiling with sun reflective paint.
  2. Attach thermocol sheets at the bottom of the ceiling.
  3. Put palm leaves or equivalent on the roof

Has anyone tried this and were the result effective??

Mr aamir,

I was growing 1100 female sheep along with 36 male sheep , all of jodipi breed, in kasipuram village of Madugula mandal of Visakhapatnam district, ( in , madugula to paderu road ), during 2000 -2003.

Totally 3 main sheds and 2 small sheds. In summer, we used to cover the top roof with paddy straw and provided sprinklers. Sides( north and south) covered with waste jute sheets, which will be made wet with water, frequently, by our labour.

I was told, then by vet drs, that due to  hot weather, abnormal heat, the animals will suffer with dehydration and stop eating  and if neglected, they may die. They arranged glucosing ( 2/3 bottles )and animals recover after 2 or 3 days. They advised me to give cooked , diluted rice starch, and was dine 2 or more times per day for suffered animals.

Try to have close observations of animals, with vet drs.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

All excellent suggestions by GP Rao. I will only add that straw on the roof of the shed should be in a thick layer (5-6") to be effective insulation. Ideally its should be tied / bundled together with several bundles spread out next to each other without exposing any part of the roof.

If you do this, it will work better than applying insulating/ reflective white paint or thermocol sheets.


I have a naturally vented polyhouse near Gauribidanur growing coloured capçicum. I can vouch for painting the roof with simple lime ie no need for expensive 0aint just a layer of white can help reduce the temperature byb8-10°C.

It depends on the Relative humidity the lower it is ( at higher temperature the RH is low if so spraying gunny bags with water can defenitely help best of luck.