Losing Legacy - About Native Fish in Tamil


Nice fish, but you will have to provide a summary in English for those who can’t read Tamil.

Hi Chandra,

Tried to summarize

With introduction of “Tilapia” (Jilabi Kendai in Tamil) as fresh water fish, which gradually led to extinction of local variety fish like Vatta Kondai (வட்டக் கெண்டை), Pal Kondai (பால் கெண்டை), Pambu Kondai (பாம்புக் கெண்டை), Koonak Kondai (கூனக் கெண்டை), Vilichi Kondai (விளிச்சிக் கெண்டை), Ayirai (அயிரை), Nari Kezhru (நரிக் கெழுறு), Manjal Kezhru) மஞ்சக் கெழுறு, Araa (ஆரா), Uluvai (உளுவை), Vilangu (விலாங்கு), Veral (விரால்), Kuravai (குரவை).

Note 1: Summarized the content in English, it doesn’t reflect fully – Very poor translation skill, sorry for transliterating fish names, if any members knows the correct name in English please update

Note 2: Reason why I felt of sharing this information is similar to what happened to our indigenous cow breeds by introducing HF & Jersey. Seems local fresh water fish variety had taken a big toll by Tilapia.