Looking to form a goat marketing consortium

Excited to announce that Savera Farms plans to get into goatery in a few weeks from now…With a shed and fodder capacity for 300 heads, we are looking to partner with other goat farms to market the produce.
Our farm is in Sivaganga and I know a couple of people already in the same district who will be getting goatery shortly. Idea is to form an association of sorts which will involve knowledge sharing as well as targeting bigger meat processors in the state, rather than selling the produce to brokers or in mandis…

Anyone interested? Mail me at saverafarms@gmail.com!

Dear Sir,

Read your post.  It is a commendable idea of developing a consortium within near by districts in goatery.  I am having my farm at Natham.  My residence is in Madurai.  I am interested and let me know your farm address and phone number so that we can be in touch. 



Dear Mr Prabhakaran,
Thanks for your interest. Kindly email me a test mail at saverafarms@gmail.com so that I can get your email ID. Your site is under construction.
I am collecting the names of people interested in this, glad to note that the 3-4 people have already shown interest.
I will wait for another few weeks. Hopefully, we will get more interests and then mail everyone collectively.

Just click the email icon below the member name to send an email.

He does not have the mail icon. Only profile and message icons are present…

Ah, I see. That means he has specifically chosen not to be contacted by email.