Looking for sun dried Azolla in bulk

West Bengal based new agro startup engaged in processing Azolla based value added products with foreign technology is inviting individuals / farmer / agro entrepreauner / social organizations as Azolla growing associate to supply sun dried Azolla .

Azolla is an aquatic fern. It can be grown in a low cost , make shift , closed cropping system .
2.0 x 2.0 x0.2 mt. size plastic sheet lines pond will cost 5-6 K and produce 1-1.25 kg fresh azolla daily.

Interested persons can communicate through email with the entrepreneur team [bhcv@ymail.com]

Hello Maitys

Please do advise more details about your offer
whatsapp no 9820203096 , email id pandyak70@gmail.com

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Kalpesh Pandya

sorry , you are responding 7 month old posting . we closed the deal with 35 farmers group in 7 states in the month of feb , 2019

Thank you for your kind Response

Please email (pandyak70@gmail.com ) me the Technology - Economics for I am interested in Learning as well as Start producing Azolla

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Kalpesh Pandya

good , there are lots of youtube video on it .