Looking for retired agriculture expert for my farm as manager

Am looking for a retired agriculture knowledge person for manager position in my farm
My farm is 75 kms away from Chennai ,arcot kuppam village 5 kms before thirutani
It’s 40 acres
Anyone interested please call on 9790868686

is it developed or yet to develop ? what are your cultivating ? Organic or conventional ?

Almost 40 acres
We have goats 50
And we have planted 1200 coconut tress
And other crops also
Rice and lot of tree agriculture

Understood , Job is kind of co-ordinating and monitering farm and workers activities , and update you accordingly . I know a person ( 57 ) a former ICAR ( GOA ) employee , worked 16 yrs in Netherlands , 4 yrs in Israel and 3 yrs in South Korea …Currenty in India , he takes up large agro plantation projects development assignments , but don’t think he will be interested in your conventional intensive farm job.

You’re right
Looking for someone who is from Tamilnadu
It’s works better
The person doesn’t really have to be educated but he has to have a good knowledge And experience in his back

Hi this is Shobha here
Pls send me details of this individual
I am looking for a person who can do farm visits atleast 1 or 2 per week and guide
Farm is about 100kms from Bangalore

Madam Shobha
This is Balasubramanian agro consultant have vast experience in agriculture operations from 1990
Please contact for my profile

Pl connect with him through email eagefarmers@gmail.com ,with brief details he will get back to you .Thx & Rgds !