Looking for organic farmers

Looking for famers who produce goods in and around Chennai -65 kms radius
Especially vegetables and any fruits !
For business collaboration
Thank you

Hi .
Pls. free to call for further discussion
Ozhalai Organic Farm:


Please contact Mr. Ravi ,an Organic farmer doing greens &vegetable cultivation at Kandhigai Village on the Vandalur Kelambakkam route. mail Id mannaisravi@yahoo.com

I have an acre of black soil in Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India. The surrounding is currently being used for fodders with saline water coming from the well/ borewell. I have invested this last year to develop this land with organic farming. Made a borewell and received 1" water from 74 feet, but I drilled till 450 feet in rocks and got the same water of 1", but the water is saline. The TDS is above 1000 and planning for RO plant for people to drink there only. Have topped the land with red soil and planted commercial trees for shade. My plan is to start integrating farming including small scale livestock like layer egg, free range chicken and pigeons to start with after the trees grows a bit 10-20 feet in height to give shades and breeze.

I am planning for permaculture through the rains that comes during November/December. There is a pond adjacent to my land, which is 300 metre away from my land. The local government are making housings there, but kept the pond and surrounded with mound. I am thinking to develop the pond for the benefit of all the places there who are farming to use the pond water effectively and not to let go the water. Is there any ways I can influence the local government to design the pond with tap the water to improve the ground water and also maintain the storage. Any ideas are much valued.