Looking for farm enthusiast to practice zero budget natural farming

Hello All,

i am looking for someone who is passionate about farming, who can stay and practice zero budget natural farming. Farm is located near channarayapatna, around 150 kms from Bangalore. All the basic facilities are available in well built farm house in the farm. i am in very initial stage of creating natural farm so its lot of involvement and learning.

so interested can whatsapp me @ 8884447838 (i can only reply to your messages after 6pm)

area of the farm and crops please

It is 7 acres of farm. Currently there are some coconut tress and silver oak tress are present in some part of farm.

Since land is near to Bangalore, check with “Hosachiguru” (https://www.hosachiguru.com/) would help you to manage the land or getting the details.

location sir i forgot to add


Dear Farmers,

We are coming up with Contract Farming Module near Bangalore, 50 to 80KM. For Chemical Free Vegetables and fruits crops, with fixed price round the year. Basic Requirements are below

1.Minimum 5 Acres of Land.

2.Enough Water Source.

3.Land should be secured with Fencing or compound.

4.Enough Labour’s should be available.

  1. Shed or House in Land

  2. Need Drums min 10nos 200lts

  3. Small area to clean Vegetables and Fruits

  4. Should arrange Desi cow dung and urine every 3 days.

  5. Should not use a single drop of Chemicals

Support Provided

  1. All the Medicine will be prepared by us.

  2. Saplings will be provided

  3. We don’t use any Chemicals

  4. Fixed price all along the year

  5. Buy Back

  6. Supervision on crops

  7. Transportation

Join us to produce chemical free vegetables and fruits for our future.

Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

Contact me on 9663896639


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Hi Mallikarjun, may I know what is fixed price rate for each crop? what are the terms and conditions will apply for owners and contract farmers?

We have land more than five acres near bangalore 120km, sufficient water if you want to talknto me you can call 8123453079