Looking for Active/Sleeping partners for "Group Farming" in Hyderabad


Hi Vijay

If the whatsapp group is Live, please add me.
Am experimenting in a small area of 400 square yards in Secunderabad. Am doing in natural farming and permaculture methods.

Bharath Kumar Reddy
+91 91609 36353


Hi All,

Nice to see many people coming forward.

Please share your ideas and experiences.

Thank you.


Hi All,

Good to know about the group farming… Recently moved to Hyderabad and interested in farming activity, happy to join with group.
contact: +91 986 664 9184

Tnx & Rdgs
V R Thatha


Hey Vijay what’s up dude it’s me sriram so you got the whatsapp group ready???


Hi, i am interested to join the group… u can contact me on 9849568134


Dear Amoolyashekar,

Is this group is established. wants to see more update.

Best Regards,


I am interested to do farming…My name is Sai Prasad and I live in Hyderabad.
Mail ID: msmsaiprasad@gmail.com
Ph no: 9550239792
May I know the details???


How are you guys doing?


Dear all Guys

hoping that the group is established. what is the out put in these 2 years,hoping doing well. Please sear the experience.

Best Regards,


Hi This is Amar Rushi from Hyderabad. is this still ON? If Yes Please Add me in. Looking Forward to Gain knowledge on Farming and Agriculture. THanks