Looking for a reliable mango nursery in Tamil Nadu

Pls mail saverafarms@gmail.com with the contact info…


[size=100][/size]TAMIL NADU HORTICULTURE DPT nursery at JEENUR near krishnagiri is giving good saplings aia have taken nearly 500 saplings of imanpasand and kalapadi and sendura varities non of the saplinga died.good varieties are avilable rates are also reasonable 35 rupees per plant pl try.jeenur is  on krishnagiri bangalore road

Thanks Narasimhan!

How big were your imampasand saplings in height? How many old were they at the time of delivery?

approx 2 feet in ht and 10mnths to one year old

Ok Thakns.
Checked with them - they do not have sufficient qty - I need 4000.
Any other recommendations?

GKVK agricultural university yelahnka bangalore or localy available in SNTHUR near pochampalli krishnagiri dt or THAGRAPATTI village near kunnathur vellore dt the owner is residing in TIRUPATHUR vellore dt ph 9842906426 garden maintener perumal
mr ALLIMUTHU rASIPURAM TQ MINAKL PO NAMAKL DT  94435 11253, 9442264273 04287 264273