Looking for a partner (Pig farming in Kerala)

I have enough developed land with water, electricity, road etc. available for pig farming in Kerala. Chicken and other waste (fodder) supply sources are available in 1 km radius. 1 bed room house is also in the property.
I am looking for a partner who has experience and willing to take over daily farming activities and also to make some investments needed for further development of the farm. Some investments like buying a small vehicle for collecting waste, building cage etc. could be discussed.

[color=blue]Dear dertour,

You might also require fencing for Pigs…Honeycomb Fencing would be the best.[/color]

Dear Dertour,

Please provide the details about the location of your unit unit , to check about my suitability.


Joseph Mammen

Good evening
I noticed this is an old post but if this is still valid please send an email to aruna.roper@gmail.com.

We are looking to introduce high performing genetics on a long term investment.

Questions that we have are;

  1. Farm capacity - how many pigs can you grow
  2. how much land do you have available to build on
  3. What would be the length of time you would be prepared to sign an agreement for.

Please let me know your position with this