Looking for a 3 acre farm land in Tamil Nadu

I m looking to purchase a 3 acre farm land in Tamil Nadu/Kerala. The budget is upto 10000 per cent. should have abundant water and electricity should be there. The location doesnt matter(interior, away from road, etc) but the land should have clear titles.
Anyone can help? Please let me know


Any area in Tamil Nadu is OK for you?



I have land near Bengaluru in Karnataka. Interested ?

Yes. As long as it meets the criteria mentioned.

Can I buy land in Karnataka? I think the norms doesnt allow me to buy because not anyone in my family history was doing farming. Please suggest. And if I can, where is the land in Karnataka? Price? Does it meet the required criteria mentioned?

Hi Yes, Yes it meets your criteria. For more information pl contact me on 9900938105.



Where exactly is the farm located near Bengaluru?

That’s why many people in Bangalore buy lands in Denkanikottai which is in Tamilnadu but near to Bangalore

R Chandramouli

Yes… Can give 3 - 5 acres well within your budget. Within a Gated Agri Community. Pls contact for further details. Near Madurai. Specifically for new farmers who require support to setup and scale a farm.

Price? and the water availability? Gated community means are there any other people there who have a farm there?

Do you have any info about land in Denkanikottai? Price and the other criteria mentioned

Please connect 8197166668 Regards, Perin

Dear TKris

Please connect. Our land is at Foothills of Kodaikkanal. Fertile and distributed rainfall.

Regards, Perin


how much is the price and does that meet the aforesaid criteria??

:+1: Yes it does