Local Indian Earthworms Wanted

Local Indian Earthworms Wanted

Say, around 25,000 numbers atleast.

Thanks in advance

hellow ,if you are in a villge they are available in soil whereever some plant waste is present.if you are in town or city go to a village.meet a farmer or farmers children ask them to get earthworms and pay for their job.plenty available at tanks bunds field bunds, manure pits etc.

Dear Phaedrus,
I will get you in crores not in thousands if you act according to my suggestions.

I was watching a live phone-in programme in one of a local news channel in AP. (Raitanna Rajyam, Sakshi TV) telecast this morning. This programme is about Vermicompost units, the agriculture scientist explained the role of earthworm called ‘Eisenia Fetida’ in Vermicomposting units. I have gone through Subhash Palekar’s explanation about this earthworm, he described it as a Destructor Beast, copying the link here for reference.
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Can someone who are into Vermicomposting provide information about setting up vermicompost units using local earthworm varieties, is it possible to setup vermicompost units with local earthworm varieties. If so, are there any specific earthworm varieties in India used for this purpose and how to procure them.

Nishikanth R Eppa

Please read posts in below link
farmnest.com/forum/animal-farmin … 4/#msg9454

Hi Phaedrus,

Are you planning to go for Vermicompost?  If Yes, there are easier methods to collect & increase the earthworms.

Try the following:-

  1. Identify a shaded place (1 m X 1 m) where you will collect the earthworms.
  2. Take 12-20 Litres of Water + 500 gms of Karrupatti + 500 gms of fresh cow dung and sprinkle on the identified place.
  3. Cover the place first with Rice hay and on top of it cover the place with jute bag.  Mainly the jute bag is to ensure that birds do not eat the earthworms.
  4. Sprinkle water for 20-25 days daily in the morning and evening time.
  5. You should be able to get earthworms after this.  This will be in hundreds only.
  6. If you want more, you should do the same in a bigger area.

Padmanabhan Ganesan