Loan Window for Farmers in Krishi Vigyan Kendras

Loan Window  for Farmers at  Krishi Vigyan Kendra,  KANNUR

  Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Kannur under Kerala Agricultural University in partnership with State Bank of India has  opened  a Loan Window for the benefit of farmers, self employment seekers in agriculture and agripreneurs.  It will be known as SBI-KVK  Loan Window.  It is first of its kind in the country.
KVK is  a frontline agricultural system, which plays a leadership role in agricultural extension and exerts powerful  influence on other extension agencies in the state such as Department of Agriculture.  One of the important mandatory functions of KVK is to conduct vocational training for self employment seekers in agriculture.  The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kannur, which became functional just five years ago  is serving as a role model for other KVKs in the country.  The Kendra,  has created several success stories by transforming farmer  trainees into entrepreneurs.  The Kendra, which is prudent in selecting the trainees based on their aptitude and resource capability do also give post training assistance in purchase of equipments, packaging, labeling, registration, obtaining, license and so on.  The Kendra attracts lot of farmers, self employment seekers in agriculture, entrepreneurs  and other rural folks throughout the year to get trained in various agri-based enterprises.  With new techniques learned, they tend to look for implementing the same in their fields. Credit is the component , such trained hands look for. With a Loan Window right in the campus, the eligible potential farmers and entrepreneurs can get credit easily from banks without procedural delays.  Loan window can thus be an added facility for the trainees.  Moreover, there are agencies such as District Industries Centre, which lend various forms of assistance for such entrepreneurs.  The Loan Window can serve as a single outlet for getting all the three components for starting an enterprise, namely, training, credit and assistance such as subsidy
Normally training durations at KVK ranges from 3 days to six months.  Initially Loan Window  will be open twice  in a week.  This way all the trainees will get time during the course of the training to discuss with the Bank’s representative on various aspects of the lending process. They can discuss their project ideas with the trainers after discussing with the bankers and by the last day of the training they can firm up ideas. Once the usefulness is accepted , the set up will make sure that it functions on as many days as is  required.
SBI has deputed an Officer Marketing & Recovery  to man the counter so that the farmers’ needs can be well understood and necessary support for project preparation/processing loan , can be extended…The official will be available at Loan Window from 10 AM – 5 PM. The official will also make field trips if so desired  on  subsequent days .
By setting up a loan window, KVK is offering a new model in its service to the farmers.  If the model turns out to be successful it can be replicated countrywide in other KVKs.  Loan proposals from Trained farmers with technical support from KVK will be , in all likelihood well implemented and bound to be succsbessful economically ensuring proper loan repayments.
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