Litchi tree no yield


Litchi tree 10 years old , growth is good lots of water. But no or little few fruits. Leaves dark green . there are lots of red big ants . you can see in the pic.

Any help appreciated.


Dear Jovi Sir, Red Ants only create nuisance in and around the litchi tree, but no harm will exists . To get rid of red ants, distroy the sheltors on the tree,in the soil under the soil destroy the sheltors,  dusting the anti ant powders etc.
You can have a look of one litchi tree, 6 year old, existing in the field of sri Shivanapura Ramesh, near Rani circle, Devanahalli ( teja nursery and gardens ), from which he is getting around more than 100 kgs of litchi yield per crop.

Whether you have planteda seedling or grafting or which variety etc also affect the yields.

g.p.rao, farmer

Do you know how the propagation was done?

If the propagation is from seed, a litchi plant takes 10-12 years to fruit. Grafted litchi plants fruit in 4-5 years in north India and 6 years in South.

Source: Subhash Palekar’s book

Dear GP Rao,
The red ants means not small ants these in Kannada they are called “Kemp Godaa” . And they have nasty bite.

Any ways does spraying neem oil help and what for its used.


Hello Jovi
You can take care of the ants by sprinkling coffee grounds or a shower of dish washer soap.

Dear Jovi sir, you and I, both are right sir. Same big red ants.

Yes sir, they bite humans and create nuisance .able to stay

Nem oil can be sprayed, but it can not kill them. Neem oil will have a great action on the eggs and it controls the insects on the plants.

good wishes,  g.p.rao, farmer