List of Vegetables or Fruits for Weekly income

I am in the process of evaluating to set up a farm. I need to generate weekly income.
Can you suggest list of vegetables or fruits  which provides weekly income.

Growing leafy vegetable can fetch income regularly but fruits have seasons.

If you want regular income go systematic farming like giving crops some time interval in between.

Example one of my friends had started farming near Visakhapatnam. He planted Maize(sweet corn) in 3 acres sowing every 40 cent partition a week. So that the crop from the whole 3 acres have some gap in between. Marketing gets easy and income will be study.

Planing is very important for Vegetable farming. Study your markets and plan accordingly.

No body can get into your shoes and understand your market demand than yourself, U should be able to define ur market demand by little bit of time.

Weekly income from farming is tricky but if planned perfectly and executed, you can ripe great dividends.

Best of luck friend.