Lighting tips on Farm

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I wanted to know you guys suggestions on what should be the way and system for lighting on farm, which will be effective to lighting whole farm and energy efficient? Farm is around 95 square yard.

Thanks in Advance for all your suggestions.

why do you need lighting for entire farm? Is it home back yard garden?
What is your budget?

Actually people used to steal my cops, fruits and vegetables, and also sometimes animals damage the plants, that is the reason. Since fencing to entire farm will be required lots of investment, so I’m looking to lighting the entire farm. Budget is very low for this purpose I’ll borrow money with my friends or can take loan.

Lighting will not stop crops getting stolen. However you can have a solar lighting with LED’s you can fix some 8 LEDs which will cost you approx 20K(I cannot assure you if the solar lighting system itself gets stolen)

Another alternative is to have a dog.

I too quite dont understand how lighting will efficiently prevent theft. It could probably be a hindrance for intruders but i doubt if its going to be failsafe.

IMO cost difference would not be substantial if you consider fencing 855 sq.ft  vs solar LED lighting.


Saravana Kumar

ThnQ Thests can be prevented  by installing IP CC Cameras to each solar Lighting Pole . It is possiable if canm make some effort.

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