Larvae in guavas tree

hi every one !!!
can any body help , I am in deep problems…[color=red][glow=red,2,300]I planted a guavas tree[/glow][/color] & recently it began to fruit but then quite suddenly the fruit fly attacked it & the fruit began to soften up,before even getting ripe…upon cutting it looked like this …all brown brown & soft…
[color=green][size=140]could any one suggest a remedy…???
any pesticide…???[/size][/color] :-[ :'(

I too have a similar problem with my guava trees. Friends and experts around appreciate your response.


First give proper nutrition to guava plants.
SOP -500 GM+ 13:0:45 -500 GM +microfood -200 GM/200 lits water spray
After 10 days spray
Lime-1 kg +sulphur-300 GM+ MAG.sulphate -500 GM/200 lits water  spray
Fame-30 ml/200 lits water -spray
Fipronil-50 GM/200 lits water spray
Thank you
Good luck