Large Plantation Ideas Using ETP Treated Water In Uttar Pradesh

We want to utilize around 25,00,000 liters of water everyday using our own plantation near Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Our ETP treats water from textile unit. The water is colorless with around 2,000-3,000 TDS.

We want to grow low maintenance trees for our plantation which are capable to utilize large amounts of water to prevent seepage in to ground water table. Further, trees to be commercially viable that is profitable in terms of growing.

We are starting with a pet project from only 1 Acre. However, we plan to expand to 100+ acres in some time if the model proves successful.

Major aims: Utilize the water to prevent external objections, tree plantation to reduce CO2 emissions, profitable return on land used by our trees

Some more updates:

We want to preferably grow large trees.
We want to limit the usage of land.
Trees should not try to use water from underground table.
Trees should maximize the usage of irrigated water.
Highest commercial possibility.

Aligarh is located ahead of Greater Noida.