Lantana camara buyback?

Does anyone know if Lantana camara has any value as a medicinal crop and whether it is cultivated as such in India?

Would it be possible to find buyers and / or make a buyback arrangement with one?

It grows as weed in parts of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

It is  parasite weed.Its tender leaves can be used as fresh eye drops.But it has of no commercial value.Rest this weed destroys all vegetation around it .

Thank you Dixitji for prompt response. I found a few companies on a trading website offering various parts - leaves, roots, and flowers etc - commercially so was wondering…


Hi, you can pulverise it and briquette it. Though its calorific value is not high, it can be used. If u want to be rid of it, cut it at the base of the stem and paint it with glycel or roundup. If you just cut it it grows back faster. Or else cut it 6inches below the ground. It takes over very fast so beware  :'(. Some studies are being done now to use it but results not very positive.

I hear it forms part of natural pesticidal concoctions. Does anybody have experience with that?

It may be  is a matter of research but as of now it has no value.It is  most hated ever spreading weed which finishes other vegetations.It is not liked by animals.Forest authorities keep removing lantana bushes from the wilderness.Kindly let me know the names of companies which have demanded the parts of lantana.It may be a matter of interest for other farmnest members.Thanks is given by pressing the ‘thank you’ tag on the right hand side of thread.Farmnest recordings for members are based on clicking the said tag.

Smeta, yes of course in dry form it can be used as fuel either by briquetting as you suggested or by turning it into charcoal. I wanted to know demand for medicinal use.

Chandra I’m going to use it in preparation of Bhramastra along with certain other plant leaves.

Dixitji, the latana parts are not demanded by companies but offered by them as I said earlier. Names are available at the link provided in previous message.

on a lighter note :sunglasses:

yes its very true lantana plants are of great comercial value
labourers in our region make lot of money because of these plants  :astonished: . just 2 weeks back i had to pay Rs 8,500  to remove these from my land.last year also i had spent some money.some times it is periannual income(for labourers) :smiley: ;D
one significant use of these plants are they can be used in fencing

Maybe you should get something like the Shrub buster made and save money on labour.

It can also be used as live fencing