Land Prep during summer

Hello Friends

The summer has started this year earlier than normal. In our farm we have decided to drop cultivation till monsoons arrive due to reduced water level in bore well.
So, I want to discuss about land prep that can be done now for good crops in monsoon.

  1. Deep Ploughing - I read somewhere that you should plough deep using disc upto 1-1.5 feet and let it bake in the sun. I want to know how this helps. I have read that abroad, they deep plough only once in 3 years.

  2. Application of pond silt - Most of the farmers in our area start carving out the pond nearby in the summer and apply the mud to their fields. I havent seen any great yields in their farms. I havent done it once and see better yields by using organic manures like FYM or vermicompost. The cost of applying silt to 1 acre is equivalent to 3 tons of vermicompost. And one more thing that comes to mind is the salt content in the soil, when water evaporates or percolates, it leaves behind all the dissolved salts in the upper layer. This soil will have very high TDS or alkaline pH. I have resisted for 2 years, but now all the farmers are pushing me to use the pond silt as it will improve water retention capacity and so on. So my question is how does it help?

In general, if you have any other land preps that can be done, please let me know. I searched the forum and could not find any threads, if this already discussed, please point to correct thread.


The idea is :
1.larvae of the insects get eaten by the birds.
2. Chemical pesticide,weedicide get oxidize.
3. the grass seeds in top layer goes below and makes it difficult to germinate.

Even all these benifits can be achived by no tilling.

Lake silt:

run-offs from the all fields bring top layer soil to lake, most of the time this contains fertilisers, and lot of bio mass gets decayed. People thought this would help in increasing the fertility.

In my area those who had grown continuose ginger crop uses quite often. This may workout good for them.
Those who has pure red soil and less water availablity, lake silt increase water retention.

Lake silt works like cement, if you just spread on your field, it is more or less similar you are plastering ur fields. it prevents water percolation. to avoid this you have to use rotovator.

No tilling and limited tilling comnunity celebrated 40th anniversary last year in US(they have a magzine also). There is big number of farmer use limited tilling. see below links

So if I am able to spread the silt on my land and rotovator it, then do you think it is worth spending the money? My soil is red and slightly sandy.

What do you think about my point that silt contains large salt deposits and will it harm my soil?