Land for joint venture for ornamental fish farm , Bangalore or Hyderabad

I am looking for land to start breeding Farm for ornamental fish and now I have collaborated with one of the big farms in Thailand and they will be routing the orders to us what ever they get from India on a profit basis, and initially we will not be having any stock for 6 months to sell in the market because we will be breeding our fish and the fry has to get to the M,L,XL size to get sold in the market.

I am also planning to stock the fish for wholesale.

If any one interest to rent the land please reply.

my email id is,
whatsapp : 9963403388
Mobile : 9000906584

Thank you,

If you are looking for joint venture, we are inerested

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can you share your contact details ?
Can you share your email / mobile details ?

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How much land are you looking for

9845449818 is my number and is my mail id

r u looking for joint venture. I am planning for ornamental fish by collaboration with Thailand.
If yes please let me know

Hyderabad is 200 km from my native place , well connected with roads , i have 10 acre land and well water resources. My contact number is 8792570047.