KISAN Agri Expo. Bengaluru-09Jan-11Jan-2015


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I am attending on Sunday…  :slight_smile:

I will be there on Saturday - 8088984668 is my number, anyone from the forum wants to meet; please call  :slight_smile:

Hi All,
I will be there on Saturday morning by 10 a.m

I will SMS you and we can catch up.


Hi viktree n nithin,
even i am planning to attend on saturday .Hope to meet u guys…

I must say I was disappointed with the Kisan Expo – South (my personal opinion). I was looking at more of learning experience rather than advertising stalls. Although companies showcasing their products are very much important, I was hoping to get more and more information on latest techniques… Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Polyhouse, banks offering info of various loan options to farmers….

But this had 90% about machinery and tools. We even had a stall with a banner of Mahatma Gandhi and they were promoting use of Indian breed cows over imported/cross bred. Although it was of great interest, I just did not get a vibe to believe it at all. As per them, getting 4 liters of milk and adding other by products of the Indian local breed cow (urine and dung) works out more effective than producing approx. 10 liters of milk from imported breeds. I will try to scan and upload the comparison sheet they gave.

However everything was not out of scope for me. They had a stall with green house installation, grow bag sales and cocopeat which was pretty interesting.

Another stall with an organisation that helps in project building and help with subsidies and help about bank formalities, this was quite interesting for a newbie like me.

Also a stall about the much spoken about stevia cultivation. As per them it is now approved by the government and can be cultivated in India and they end user product will also be available commercially from next month. This was something very interesting for me and I got all the required details from them regarding the cultivation. Hopefully will start it soon.

Me too. I was expecting it will be as big as Kisan-Pune. They gave a excuse that this is first Mela at Bengaluru.

Other Stalls Nithin Missed to list were

Foggers India Had double stall. They had foggers,sprayers in demo.

Captain tractors had different range of minitractors starting from 2.65 lcs to 5.6 lacs.