Kindly help us to increase of yield in sugar

hi all kindly help us to sugar cane yielding we are getting only 30 to 40 tone per acre land .we have black soil we krishana river water .we flood irrigation adopted. If any fertliser is there for improve yielding capicity more than 70 tone per acre land ?kindly guide us 

A farmer got yield of 165 tones of sugar cane in one acre at Jamakandi taluk of Bagalkote  district.
His farming practice was both of chemical and organic farming practices like jeevarasasara, composte, vermi water with fertilizers are used to get such yield.
You can try with natural farming practice for low cost investment and high productivity.

the yield of kabbu depends on various factors. the seed, ratoon age, timing of planting, cutting, cultural management, pest and disease management,
all needed in proper timings.

Dear Mr.,

Plse give a brief history of your farm ,soil type, pH value

Morphological characters- Number of Productive tillers, Inter nodal  length, Avg. girth of canes etc

Details of your Agronomical practices,etc… This is commercial Agriculture, not a Magic Game .

We can’t compare with any one or farmers Data. Sugarcane is a Monocot, and its yield attributing

facts is little bit complicated.

Check the pests attacking the crop like white flies, internodal  borer,root grubs etc…

Think about ripening system etc…

Plse  give the answers of my quiries, definitely Biofarms will assist you  fulfil your dream

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What is the earnings on this type of yield? I read that minimum support  price (msp) is about rs 1600 per ton, ie rs 1.6/kg. So does that farmer earn 2.64 lacs per acre . 165 x 1,000 x 1.6? Or is the MSP related to sugar content? What is the gross earning of the farmer who gets 165 tonnes per acre? How does the calculation work?

Please see also Ramu’s reply in this link where he says about 240 tons per acre … 0/#msg2980

Thank you.

Hi Ray?
First of all one should do agriculture in agriculture method to get maximum benefit for self, surrounding, soil and environment for long time sustainability. That was the practice of our eldors and they was satisfied with the income which they got. But modern agriculture should also adopt certain procedures to enhance income and soil health.

First of all we should have diversification of crops to enhance yield, protections in the agriculture lands. Farming community should not restrict them self only in to producing the crop and selling it to middlemen or else. But farmer should try to sell their own product with their own rate tag directly to consumers. Governemnts are set up Raitha Santhe (Farmers Markets) to encouraging farmers. Please note, our elders used to sell their products directly in weekly markets which used to held near by big villages which were reachable for them. Nowadays those traditional markets are neglected by young generation by encouraging super markets/malls etc. If we are not encourage those set up I don’t think super markets or other business establishments are depended on the customers, if all customers including people in general and encourage our own systems, then surely all i.e Farmers & Consumers can be mutually benefited.

Farmer should do value addition to their primary products to make joggary, juice etc  from sugarcane.
If one can do joggery, then they can get sugarcane straw which can be used as good mulching material.
One sugarcan can give about 250 to 300 ml juice which is sold at the rate of Rs.15 to 20 to consumers within one week from the date of its purchase where farmer will get less than one rupee for one sugarcane which was produced in about one year.

If farmers use their own ideas to sell their products, then no need to wait for less rate mentioned above. Farmer should think differently like corporates to sell their products in their own way. Only way for the farmer to sell his product is to maintain the quality products, then consumers can come to farmer to purchase their products which is my personal experience.

My question is why a farmer should allow some one else to fix his rate/fate for his own product? 
Will any one allow others to rule their personal issues? No. Likewise farmers should take initiative to take care of selling their products on their own efforts which may suitable.

Labour, power, rain shortage etc problems are part and parcel of any farmers and one cannot excuse with these points as there are modern technologies are available to eliminate such hurdles.