Kindly Advise on Buying Agriculture Land

Dear All,

I need your opinions on buying agriculture land.

Background: I am an NRI IT guy, working in UAE for 10 yrs, planning to settle down at my native after 5-7 yrs. my passion, ambition, etc, etc… everything  is buying agriculture  land and doing farming. No second thought on this. I was looking for around 10 Acres @ 5-6 Lakhs/acre near my native place thanjavur, tamil nadu for last 3 yrs. recently, I found about 13 acres of land near river bed @ 6L/acre which has very good road access, bore well and free EB connection. No idea about soil. I will share the details soon. I would spend around 80L on this land. many of my relatives and friends  advise me not to invest on agriculture land. I  simply ignore them thinking that agriculture will be the future. I know and understand that agriculture is not simple, but hard work and innovative thinking could yield good returns. there are many people in this site are example for this. I don’t expect 1L/acre/year. I should get at least a decent income. I am planning to grow some trees on the land for next 5-7 yrs which will require minimum maintenance and manage from out side, once I return to India i will do the full time farming.  I request you experts please share your opinions and advise on this whether my decision is right or wrong.



Thank you Thaya Sir,

Kindly inform me where you want to settle.

If you want to settle in Hyderabad we will get you GOOD Farm Lands at Rs.400000/Acre within 50 KM from Hyderabad and Rs.250000/Acre with in 100 KM from Hyderabad.Kindly let us know your requirement .The Lands which we are suggesting are directly from Farmers and are in 100% Clear Title with Land record from the Year 1954 onwards.

for Vasudha Green Farms,,

Thank you for your offer Mr.Vasudhafarms. But i will settle down at my native  thanjavur,  Tamil nadu.


hi, I understand your question to be that,’’ Is going against the flow and getting into agriculture sane?’’.
To answer that wisely would be to say, it depends. It has many variables which basically are not in your control, e.g. weather, govt. laws, supportive infrastructure etc.
The thing is it is not simply to ignore the naysayers but find out their reasoning. Those problems which you have or find solutions to, strike them out of the list. You will be in better position to decide yourself, whether you should farm. Then look for those problems which nobody is telling you about.
Farming is not cheap. It is not easy. It should not be only a romantic move.
If you do integrated intensive farming with year round management you could succeed. If initially you will not be present then you should work with somebody who shares the dream and can plan an entry and an exit for their contribution towards the project.
I do such work but it requires an understanding and maturity. We like to stick towards natural intensive integration. We avoid harmful chemicals and practices as much as we can. We also avoid loans as much as we can.
This exercise is lonely for some. And greatly satisfying for others. It has lot to do with the mind set.
My venture is in raigad,maharashtra. Looking to expand in other regions. You can get in touch and work out something to check out the possibilities initially. And all the best.   

Dear Naeem,
Thank you for your input.

Dear All,

I have one more option. there is one more land available in the river bed area(about 4 Acres, 3.5L/Acre). but no irrigation option. here also I plan to grow trees only for the next 5-7 yrs. I can get water from other land owners on a hourly basis. I hope that will be more than enough for the trees. I can register for the free EB and hope to get it after 7 Yrs(so optimistic). I can spend some amount to develop the land like fencing, leveling, bore wells, solar pumps(if I don’t get free EB), etc. I believe in the 7 yrs I can acquire slowly adjacent lands also. please kindly advise on this.


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[b][size=100][color=blue]Dear Mr. Thaya, add planning to your passion.  What is your budget for this project?  You told that you want to come back and settle here in India after 5 - 7 years.  You want to settle some where near Thanjavur.  Am I right?

Just for idea, we think that your budget is Rs.1, crore.  Then, follow this plan …

  1. Purchase a land parcel which is not less than 15 acres.
  2. Invest not more than Rs.5 lakhs on one acre
    1. Identify a land at this cost, may be a bit far from Thanjavur.  Prepare to travel that extra time.
      4.It will cost you Rs.75 thousand/acre to create infrastructure in your land such as fencing, bore wells, power connection, servant quarters, one master quarter, farm    implements etc.
  3. Prefer a land which suits for all horticulture crops.  If you are able to get go for red soils.
  4. Appoint one trust worthy couple who should stay in the farm to supervise the daily operations at the farm.
  5. As per the advice of local horticulture experts, develop one fruit crop in five acres. The resident couple will supervise the same
  6. Lease out the ten acre land to some trustworthy farmer.  The resident couple will give you update about this lessors.
  7. Monitor the things regularly.  In 5 - 7 years every thing will be in order. And fruit orchard will start yielding.
  8. Come back after 5 - 7 years and take control of the farm including ten acre leased land and do whatever you want to make profits.

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