Keeping Cows after the beef ban?

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BJP Govt intends to ban cow slaughter all over India. Maharastra has had a start.

My question is…what is the effect on Dairy businesses and especially on farmers who keep one/two or more cows to supplement their needs/operation.

Will people stop keeping cows for fear of being stuck with them after the milking period is over? There are already some horror stories of govt. officers coming and noting cows on farms/dairys and photographing them :-X

Is dairy business planning to shift to buffalos entirely or goats or camels? ;D and the small farmer with one cow…what will he do?

well it has started :slight_smile: :sunglasses: … ry-farming … mal-rights

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Dear Mr. Sanjay,
I meet with the lot of dairy farmers and asked them about the effect of ban cow slaughter all over India. They clearly told that there is no effect, even before initiating the law they never want to sold out their cows for slaughter or for beef. Cow is the animal close their heart.

They told whether cow gives milk or not she is always beneficial for farmers because of her dung and Gaumutra. If there will be well established market channel then they and able to get amount of it also. They are expecting that there should be support from Govt side for promotion and awareness about A1 & A2 milk. The cow which has hump giving A2 milk having medicinal value and good for health and specially for brain. If the awareness will generate among the people they can able to get cream price for their Desi Cow milk.

Regarding dead cow or bull they told that there should not be ban to give it to slaughter for skin (leather) and bones, that money will help them to maintain the live animals.

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