Keen to connect with our organic farmer friends all over India

Hi, we are about launch a special product (organic liquid fertilizer) to support farmers in the country. Our product will help farmers in producing 100% organic products with HIGH quality, productivity, taste & profitability. Product buying and distribution enquiries are welcomed from all over India. The product can be made available for export too. Contact us via E-mail for more details. Thanks,

Hi, you will need to provide some details on the product for any meaningful conversation. Thanks.

Dear Mr Chandra,

Noted your point.

We will be sharing the product details with you over mail shortly. We are unable to disclose brand name prior to product launch which is expected anytime now (.)


Shammy Prahladhan


We are pleased to share with you that a special technologically
developed Organic
Liquid Fertilizer brand
is expected to be launched in the market,
throughout India shortly. The product is already tested and proven, for its
quality and performance, at many parts of India including Gujarat and

Product: Organic Liquid Fertilizer

About the Product:

The organic nutritional fertilizer is designed to cater four stages of
plant development such as (1) Birth (Germination), (2) Childhood
(Development), (3) Youth (Flowering) and (4) Old Age (Fruiting). As
leaf plays vital role (i.e. photosynthesis process) in making food for
the plants to grow we have introduced a different feeding methodology with
our product that, the nutritional fertilizer is fed into the plant
leaves instead
of the roots.

Benefit to Farmers:

Our organic liquid fertilizer is highly helpful to the farmer friends to
produce organic products at lesser Cost. It would greatly support the
existing organic farmers to increase productivity, quality, taste and
profitability of their products. As the fertilizer is 100% organic there is
no hazard to human health and environment. The product is suitable for all
kind of crops. Just one kit (4 products x 1 litre) is enough for
cultivating vegetables in one acre land, for one season. Interested
farmers may order just 1 kit, for testing and experiencing the product
benefits by themselves, in the beginning.

Business Opportunity with the Product:

One could become stockist of the product, at selected territories in every
state, for distributing the product to farmers. We welcome inquiries from
potential farmers, professionals and individuals who are keen to associate
with the farming society.

Looking forward to receive your positive response…

Thanks and regards,

K. P. Shammy-CEO, *Corpoclientz *


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