Joint seed procurement from TNAU : Anbody visiting TNAU or staying in Coimbatore

Dear All,

Wanted to buy seeds from TNAU before the Monsoon kicks in.
We wanted to buy the following seeds :

  1. PKM -1 Drumstick
  2. DOLICHOS (Co series)
  3. Ginger (trial purpose)

Full list of available seeds : … price.html

Anybody else wanted to buy seeds from TNAU. I am put up in Bangalore/Bellary.

PS : Time saving exercise, instead of everybody going to TNAU

Dear Seshu Sir, I need PKM 2 seeds for 1 acre.If you inform your Bank A/c number, the said money will be deposited immediately for its cost. I want to grow it as and why this variety Annual Moringa, the TNAU is discouraging it.                                                                                                                                                                                                            If possible pl try to get me 400 gms seed of PKM-2 variety of TNAU.  …g.p.rao,  farmer