Jeeevamrutam spray

Hi Dear friends

Correct me if I am wrong…

Can we spray jeevamrutum on mango tree?

Do we need to dilute it bit further before spraying?

Spray won’t harm the leaves or flowers or fruites?

I think and my understanding is we can spray and no need to dilute

Please put your  opinion

Thanks in advance

Hello Sir Please advice

Can we spray jeevamrutum on mango tree? Will it harm leaves fruites bearing branches?

before flower appear I want to spray - to attract bees etc

after fruites farming to strengthen nourish fruits

is it ok shall I do the spray or not

please advise any precautions and timing.


you can dilute 1:10 and spray. it works as growth harmone. you dont have to wait till flowering starts. you can start immediately, once in a month or once in 3 weeks.

Once a jeevamrutum made in 200 litre

Furter dilute 1 in 10 and spray?

Thanks brother

yes. for soil aplication you dont have to dilute.

I will get back with my experiences with this with feed back