Japanese Strawberry production by Hydroponics


We are growing Japanese variety in Talegaon Pune and now started commercial projects across all India.
Anybody interested may visit us and see the double layer benches cultivation.
We have started discussions with prospective farmers/investors for this year cultivation.


Hi Shyam ,

Thanks for your information. I am interested in it. Can you please let me know the details if possible. I want to know what are prerequisites and cost of this project.

this is my mail id : psv.wipro@gmail.com


can you share the cost n return estimates…


can you pls share what kind of polyhouse is being used fir cultivation. us it year round production or specific to winter and last investment and ROI.



My Shyam
Please send me complete details of this project i want to start in MP. My email id contact2ashok@yahoo.co.in


Hi Shyam, Can you please share the details like - Cost, methods used, condition suitable etc. I am from karnataka.

Great job!


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Hi, Chandra, You are administrator.
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Hi Shyam,

is there any setup that you have already done in Maharashtra, near Mumbai especially?
Strawberries well in Pune, Satara, Mahabaleshwar area. But in green house the same is possible by maintaining controlled environment.

Please let us know in case of any setup.



Hi kulkarnijr,
Our facility is at Talegaon Pune. You can visit us if you want to.


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Dont change the subject.
Prove how do you say any company is cheating.
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Anyway do meet someday.


Farmers please don’t be victim of these fraud people.


@shyambhadane @Urbanmap

Hi, the forum neither has any user details nor can distribute them.
Please take the discussion on the issues outside the forum since the forum does not have the information or ability to judge.

However, a detailed product/service review with the actual experience & shortcomings (and not mere allegations) may be posted as a separate review. That would also provide the service provider an opportunity to respond and justify.


I would like to visit the Talegaon project. Please provide details.


Pl contact at shyambhadane@gmail.com


I have visited the hydroponic set up Talegaon. It is a revolutionary way of growing strawberries. My visit to this site was in 2015 and I also met Mr Shyam Bhadane there. He is a dedicated and hard working person. Very involved and grounded into hydroponics.

Since I was unable to find suitable land / finance for this project I did not go ahead with it at that time.

Finally, those attacking and trolling Mr Bhadane should meet him and then launch online attacks. He is a person worth meeting and is a super resource. Remember, hydroponics is capital intensive and needs a lot of homework. It is NOT for the faint hearted or the weak minded!!

Gaurav Mehta