Is using agri water allowed in the farm?

I have a farm nearby Hyderabad and I have build a house of 3 rooms there. I have a borewell there. My question is can I use the borewell water for the house consumption as borewell runs from agriculture electricity (subsidized). I know these is very minute question but one person told me that I should not use the water as that water must be used for agriculture purpose only and some day electricity dept. people may come and stop it.

I have kept some cattle also there in the farm.

Is this true?

Dear Sri Sheonarayan,

The subsidised power by government is given to farmers for agriculture and allied activities, including dairy farming, mostly for small and medium scale farmers. Green/poly house are not covered. We have to take commercial connection, if we are using the water foe GH/PH usages like for foggers, drip, fan & pad etc.

Farm house construction, if it is for Labour quarters, Supervisor quarters, stores room, packing hall , farmhouse etc, we have to take a domestic power connection.  by paying the required payments.

The above are followed in india, irrespective of states.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Thanks for information. However, I am just talking about the water that is yielding from the borewell. Can we use that water in houses for domestic purpose (in farm house), if that water comes from the borewell that has subsidized electric connection?


Dear Sri Sheonarayan,

All most all the farmers are using this water for construction of farm house, labour quarters, stores, supervisor quarters etc and after construction they take a domestic connection by paying the connection charges.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao ,  farmer