Is pongamia/Jetropha cake , with oil content, can be used in farming

Dear Forum Qualified Agri/Horti Experts/Consultants, expert Farmers,

Earlier I was told by experts/Consultants, that we should not use oiled cakes, except Neem cake , in the fields for our farming and I was following the same.I was using oiled neem cake and all other cakes, deoiled.

Recently I came to know that some farmers are using oiled jetropha cake, and I have visited many farms in Tamilnadu/Karnataka , and found that they are using oiled Pongamia/Jetropha/ Vangeindi/Ganugapindi cake directly in the crop beds and getting good results. I have seen their fields in good yield and vigor. Though they used oiled cake of jetropha, they  are getting good results.

I asked them that can we use jetropha with oil content, they said that they were using Jetropha deoiled cake earlier and now they are using oiled jetropha cake and getting good yields in flower crops.

Now I am requesting our forum experts/consultants/Farmers ,pl clarrify and discuss on this and it may be useful to all our forum farmers.

g.p.rao,  farmer