Is it possible to grow hybrid tomato completely organic or thro natural farming

Dear All,

Just a thought is to try growing hybrid tomato (Arka Rakshak[F1]) under shade net protected cultivation. I read this thread … t-per-acr/

But question is - is it possible for the hybrid to survive and do a similar yield with complete organic inputs? If yes can I know exact steps to follow please.


Dear Sri Prasath_ragavan sir,

Any crop, including hybrid tomato(f1) arka rakshak and/or any other variety, can survive, equally with either organic inputs and/or with other inputs.

As far as yield is concern, the answer is no, as far as my experience is concerned, and it will not give similar yield. 

With best wishes sir,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Thanks g.p.rao!

I’m hoping at least 60% of yield is expected in organic way of farming. Nothing harm.

Is there a standard guide we can follow as is like a step by step process for a Tomato crop on organic farming?