Is farming the next generation business?

Dear all,
Agriculture is the next generation business but very few have identified it. The corporates know that and that is why they have already steped in. They have come in as retail outles ( Relliance, More, Namdharis, Safal, Bigbazzar, Metro cash and carry, Food world, Nilgiris etc etc). Now the second step by them will be either to start their own cultivation or tie up with farmers on long term basis for un interrupted and regular supply. If the big shots have put in their money into retailing (fruits / vegetables / Fish and Meat), they would have done it after indepth market research. So we dont have to worry at all to take the plunge. Now the problem arise as to how to put a module in place to generate income. We are not equiped with a lot of things and facilities that the corporates have (money, manpower and market reach). But if we can group up, then we stand a much better chance than them, because we can controll the quality and rate more effficiently than them. The rising cost of vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses, spices, diary products and meat products should be considered as a positive indicator of huge profits that awaits the farmer. All we have to do now is just co-ordinate and manage. Cut those unwanted channel partners and reach out directly to the customers. Next post as to what are the posibilities or way by which this these profits can be enjoyed by the farmer.


we need to have a cooperative / society among ourself for procure and sell directly.