Is Dripwala free? How is it free?

Want to install Micro-Irrigation systems for your farm? You need Quotation, Graphical Design for the installation of Micro Irrigation systems. Having trouble in making free micro-irrigation designs? Dripwala can help you with this. It gives you features like Quotation, Graphical Designs with ready-made templates, or with an actual view of your farm with Satellite Maps. You can design as per your requirements depending on the crop on your farm.

Dripwala is the World’s First Practice Management App of Micro-Irrigation. It is useful for all farmers, vendors, and Engineers related to irrigation sector.

But Is It Free?

Yes, Dripwala is absolutely FREE to use on the Google Play store.

Except for few features for complex designing, users can complete their required tasks at no cost. Such as getting Quotations, creating Graphical Designs, saving Bills and Receipts.

On successful registration, every user gets 50 points called Dripwala Money. On performing a few actions such as using premium readymade templates, 5 Dripwala money will be deducted from the account balance. (100 Dripwala Money) Users can do the tasks till their Dripwala Money becomes zero.

Modify your app.
I just downloaded and deleted immediately on seeing your registration form.
You require a lot of information from people to sign up.

Actuallly, I didnt find anything in Dripwala which is useful, Even I installed and deleted it.
Quote etc, I have to find the correpsonding dealer and ask him to install the Dripwala app…

Please don’t play with the innocence of people here.
There is nothing useful for a farmer.
It’s like a spy app and you want to collect only information from people.

Sir, the information which is asked in the beginning is beneficial to save your work in the app so that you can check it anytime you want.
This information helps farmers to find nearby vendors and vice-versa.
In addition to this, we have provided the policy of DRIPWALA App which states that this information will not be used for any advertisement purposes.

If you are Engineer or farmer, you may be right that you dont find it useful, until many sellers/dealers are not on this dripwala app.

It is now useful for sellers/dealers. This dripwala app saves time, gives accuracy.
It is useful in field survey, draw plot, area calculation, graph design, automatic quotation for drip irrigation dealer.

Once enough number of dealers will come on dripwala app, surely you will find it useful to locate them and do the next steps of design and quotation on the name of dealers.
Sir, please ask for your near and dear dealers to use this app for them. Thank you.