Is anyone into Gramapriya breed chicken rearing?

Hello everybody,

With the interest in chicken rearing, I bought 120 Gramapriya chicks from our local KVK branch.

As the chicken were producing eggs, the market I thought is becoming bitter. I am not even getting 5/- per egg where Natu chicken eggs were being sold at 8-10 /- per egg.

The problem I was witnessing was that different sizes, colours and shapes of the egg and even spotted eggs(white & brown).

I was rearing them in a semi-deep litter method.

Aren’t these Eggs same as Natu chicken egg?
Is there any way to control the size,shape and colour of the egg?
Can we conclude these Giriraja, Vanaraja, Gramapriya etc breeds as Natu breeds?
What is Egg laying cycle of this breed? I was getting 24 eggs on an average from 54 birds per day only.