Is any one Growing Broccoli and Chinese cabbage?


I would want to know from the farmers who are growing Broccoli and Chinese cabbage the following .

Under Green house are you able to produce the above crop all through the year?
what are the difficulty you are facing ?
what kind of yield you produce in 1 acre?
how is the market and price per KG?

Kindly share your views.


Last weekend few forum member visited a farm(organic) in the outskirts of Bangalore. He supplies 100Kg/day of assorted exotic veggies to 5 star hotels. They have a standard rate for all vegitables as 30rs/kg. He has 5 acre land 1 acre for shed+vermicompost+store etc. 1 acre floriculture(bird of paradise) and 3 acre for vegitables.

I dont think you can learn anything beause he did not share much information(first of this kind we met)

I will send you his contact if you want to try your luck.