Is agriculture/Horticulture/Floriculture/Olericulture/agri activity profitable

Dear our Forum Farmer Friends,

Lot of thinking, statements, suspicion, uncertainty, hope, feel on profitability/loss of  above said activities.

Like any other industry, the above are also have good and bad. Profitable and loss both,  are there. Mostly, it depends on the involvement, knowledge of the farmer, Crops and varieties selected, area of production, and investment and holding capacity etc, plays a vital role.

Here I want to bring some known facts to the knowledge of our Forum. These are only observations and facts up to the knowledge of the farmer, who states their observations.

To accept the above facts, is mainly depends upon the study/observations/calculations of the Farmers , They got every right to believe it or not. No one can force anybody, to believe it or not, to follow it or not.

In most of the cases, it is not possible to give addresses/phone numbers/names of the farmers, as they may not like to come in to public and/or to share with public. It is fact that , things can be studied and not impossible to get the facts.

It is a fact that 1,001 farming methods are existing and farmers select and follow, which ever method is suits them and practicable. Ultimately, the consumer prefers a tasty, good quality healthy produce and they encourage.

Ultimately, we , farmers likes to get considerable profits and to gain good and satisfactory life, like any other industry.

We farmers are of different types. Some have very huge extent of acres of lands, received ancestrally, or purchased as investment, some might have acquired some land and they wants to do after their retirement and or have some land and doing above activities as a side apart from their job and some regular farmers who do farming from generations of their family. Consumer pays money only if the produce is healthy and tasty only, from which ever farmer it may come.

In my experience , it is observed that the farmer should have passion on farming, capacity to invest, self study/knowledge on crops, good relation with bankers ie; credibility at banks, etc and with the above said activities are profitable, though there may be risks also.

This is only for a healthy discussion and request our forum farmers to participate and discuss about their study and knowledge’s on known farms/farmers.

Here I want to state one successful farmer of bengaluru . since he don’t like and accept, his details are not given here. But, some local bengaluru farmers knows this, I think.

A respectable leading advocate, turned farmer, in bengaluru district and taluk is growing Mangoes in 14+4 acres, in organic way. In 4 acres Alphonso+ 14 acres mallica mangoes. He and his family are doing mango farming from past 10+ years on their own, harvest, and keep for ripening in traditional way, after ripening grade and  pack in boxes and market them on their own. Known consumers wait for his fruits daily and purchases will be completed daily in no time. So much tasty mangoes of Alphanso and mallika are supplied by him and with great demand they are purchased.

Hope no need to state that he is in huge profits .

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear farmer friends,

Here , I want to tell about another farmer of Bengaluru District, whose farm is within 30 kms from Bengaluru city.

His parents purchased their agriculture land, around 25 years back for residing and for their family regular farming and nursery activity. They were growing flowers and flower plants budding nursery activities and entire family living in their house in the land.

15 years back, their younger son started importing mother plants of Roses and Chrysanthemums , both of hybrid Tea and spray varieties, and started producing flowers in their land. By observing the welcoming prices and demand from local flower markets, he started exporting to flower markets of Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa etc.

As flowers demand started increasing, he took agriculture lands on lease in and around Nelamangala and started producing flowers and increased his flowers varieties, production and market. Started introducing new varieties of Rose and Chrysanthemum, both tea and spray varieties.

For the above operation he joined his hands with another farmer, who incidentally an agricultural post graduate. Both started increasing their production of flowers( both stems and spray flowers).

On observing the demand in markets, other farmers started approaching him for plants. Then he started giving the new variety plants also for other needy farmers.

Here one fact is to be observed. Before this farmer started introducing new flower varieties, all the above said markets are flooded with old and ancient varieties. ( of course they were also imported, but decades back ). Now the scenario was changed and new varieties are introduced by them.

It may not be out of place to mention here that they are getting new varieties, trying in their fields, marketing them to the said markets and they are supplying to the needy farmers, only after those varieties are successful in production and market.

These facts can be known from thaeabove said markets.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer