Irrigation methods for papaya

which type of irrigation method is suitable for papaya ?kindly help me.

Drip irrigation is suitable.
Reason: Papaya cannot take more water and dont tolerate less water. You will have good control on size of the fruit and yield if you provide drip irrigation.

Suggestion is for a plantation of commercial scale. Not for stand alone trees.

Thanks for your suggestions, do you know any one growing papaya near Bangalore or Tumkur.
I have a plan to visit any farm and learn from them.

Yes I do Have contacts. Give me some time. I will send you PM.

let me also know, what are the multicrops we can grow between papaya.

Inter cropping is not a recommended practice as I know. However, you may try crops like URID, Moong etc before the flowering starts in papaya. (that is only within about 3-4 months after planting papaya)

If grown in HD format, you will not have space between papaya plants when the plants grow and yield starts.

You can contact Kailash Murthy Sir…Sir is currently doing Pappaya and will help you. He stays near Mysore in Malavalli Village. Just type Kailash Murthy in You tube/Google to see his video and get the contact number. Please inform in advance and visit the farm.

On googling…Mr. M.K. Kailash Murthy, Academy of Natural Farming, Doddinduvadi village, Kollegal, Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka, website:, mobile: 9880185757 and 9845125808.

Hi Friends,

I am going to start papapya farming near Hyderabad. Before that, for guidance purpose, i want to visit some farms where papaya has been done on commercial basis. Please let me know, any contacts anybody have.