Internship on Organic / ZBNF / Permaculture Farm

Hi everyone,

I am an engineering graduate currently working abroad. I am interested in switching to farming as a career (maybe later as a business).

I was interested in knowing if there are any farms where I can join as an intern in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka. I don’t mind working as farm labour in order to gain the required experience to enable me to start on my own in future.

Would highly appreciate it if all the experienced members here could provide some advice and information.


We have a farm in karnataka. we are looking for someone who is passionate about farming. We are just one year into farming and we follow natural farming. If you are interested you can do internship in our farm. Please contact on this no: +919900404961

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Hi Cyril,

Thanks for sharing your number. I will contact you via whatsapp tomorrow.



Hi , we have a farm in Andhra Pradesh near Nellore . We are into natural farming of horticulture crops. You can work on our farm if interested . My mobile no is 9884034290


Thanks for getting in touch.

I should have mentioned, I will be returning to India only in 2019. Will get in touch with you’ll then.

Thanks again.

Ok , anytime, you are welcome!

Hi suguna

I am also from Nellore and have a plan to start natural farming in our land.

Can i cal u. So that we can discuss.