Interested in farming around Bangalore

Dear  friends  :

I am Interested  in  farming  around  bangalore , need few more hands to join and work together, Interested people please contact.

satish bhavankar

I know it is more than 15 months old post.  Have you done anything in this period.  I mean purchase of land etc., I am also interested in farming near Bangalore.  Please post your present position and project details etc., if any, and if possible I will join. 
Kumar (09989090026)(

Dear Sri  Kumar,                                                  l appreciate your thinking. Bengaluru is one of the best place in the world( one area in world’s 5 best places) , in horticulture, floriculture and oleri culture.                            Wish you all the best, saying as senior farmer,      g.p.Rao,       

Dear G P Rao sir,
Thanks for your encouragement.  I have been reading your posts and appreciate your interest in sharing your knowledge and experience.
Actually I am from Hyd. but planning to move to Bengaluru.  Hence I am looking for an opportunity to start/join any body or group for farming around Bangalore. Please help me with your suggestions and leads, if any, in this regard.  Thanks and regards.

BVR Kumar (09989090026) (

Dear Satish,

Kindly share the project details, certainly, group farming in commercial corpos can be done.

Lakshmi narayana R (7829975127)