Interested in Buying Veggies,fruits and farm produce from farmers in hyderabad


I do regular farming of paddy, vegetables in Hyderabad and sell in farm to home concept.
Looking for few more vegetables, pulses, fruits, mushrooms, exotic vegetables from fellow farmers who do farming near to hyderabad.

if interested please reach out to me.


Hello… Iam planning to start Organic Farming in 20 Acre in Hyderabad of Telangana State. … Drumsticks, Papaya, Pomegranate, Bittergourd, Tomato, Muskmelon,… is going to Start. – Wtsp: 9100403473

Hi Sir, Where is ur Farm Located in Hyderabad?

Iam planning to start

Organic/Natural Farming is going to start From March.

All Siridhanyas (Millets), ColourCapsicum (Yellow/Red/Green), Bittergourd, Papaya, Drumsticks, French beans, Muskmelon, Pomegranate,… Then, how can u Associate with me…!..?