Intercultivator Machine for Farmers. For sale


This is a SECONDARY TILLAGE equipment. It should be used in land that has already been ploughed using tractor and has sufficient moisture. It is used for inter cultivating, turning the soil, weeding, aerating, and making rows for plantation.
Specification KK-IC-8657
Rated Power 1.5kW (2hp)
Displacement 42cc
Engine Type/Fuel Used 2-Stroke/Petrol
RPM 7000 (Engine RPM) and 250 (Rotavator RPM)
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.2L
Oil 40ml (2T) oil/1L of Petrol (mixing)
Cultivation Width 25.4cm (10")
Cultivation Depth 2.6cm-16cm (1”-6”)
Number of Gears 1 Forward
Fuel Consumption 500ml/hr
Type of Soil Soft Soil.

Very good for farmer with large hectares of Farm.
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