Intercropping Jackfruit and Lemon



I am relatively new to farming and want to know if Amla (gooseberries), Lemon or Jackfruit can be inter-cropped in a coconut farm. The coconut trees are old trees at the age of 30+years. If any of these fruit trees can be inter-cropped, then at what distance from the coconut palm can they be planted? The distance between two coconut palm is 20ft. Any advice or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


Dear Gayatri Visalakshi,
yes you can go for jack fruit one tree between two coconut trees. Amla (gooseberries) or Lemon is not advice able from my point of view as they required more concentration. any how you are not mentioned the type of soil.

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Hi Azhar
The soil is clayey mixed with sandy soil.