Intercropping in Coconut farm

Hi… I have 10 acres of farm near coimbatore and we have coconut plantation there. Exploring what kind of intercropping can be done. Right now there is not enough rain or ground water, so doing sustainable farming. Can you propose some ideas how some additional cultivation or income could be generated.

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.


Try growing Fodder Crops and this can be used for your own cattle.  Also introduce Traditional Chickens in the coconut farm and this will also yield some money.

If you grow Goats, you will make some good money.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear Sri Ramesh,

Are you a full time farmer? if yes you can grow, the following, any.

  1. Custard Apple . Arka Sahana ,variety of custard apple , of iihr, or Balanagar variety ,a local variety of Telangana area. This can be cultivated iwith very little water.

  2. Aloevera . this can be grown with very very little water.

  3. Country chickens. Fence all around your coconut garden with 6 ft height 3 inch x 3 inch wire mesh , construct small shed of size 10 ft x 16 ft with sheet roof, with side walls. make partition at 8 ft lg. use them as  brooder rooms. you can grow 3,000 country chickens comfortably, In 10 acres garden .

every 2 weeks, get 65 one day old, country chicken birds, keep them in a brooder room for 3  1/2 weeks and afterwards shift them to the main shed. same like,in the 2 nd shed after 2 weeks.grow them for 20 weeks and they can be sold in the markets for good price. 70 %  to 80 % of the feed will be available for chickens in the farm it self and you have to give remaining feed to them in the evenings.

As per study of univ/Institutes, 300 nos of chickens can be grown in an acre land. Chickens requires very less quantity of water per day.

Pl select one of the above and make good money.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Thank you [member=996]padmanabhan_ganesan[/member]  and [member=2048]g.p.rao[/member]

I will definitely explore the options provided by you both. Country Chicken seems to be very exciting, will keep you posted.