Intercrop suitable with banana

I have an acre in Badlapur (thane) maharashtra and plan to sow some 100 tissue culture saplings this June. I was wondering, if someone could advise me about the intercrop I can have with banana. Also what should be the distance between each. Do suggest a crop which is suitable as the monsoon are likely to arrive within a week or so. is it ok if I fertilise the crop with amrit jal regularly after preparing the land with gliricedia.

ideally you can grow anything as an intercrop. Vegetables are the best. You can try groundnut too for 3-4 months by the time banana plants grow tall.

Start with legumes to improve nitrogen fixation first, then move to vegetables. Also make sure you have marigold around the banana plants to a good extent, it keep the pests/nematoeds away very efficiently.