Integrated farm in Thindivanam

we have started integrated farm in thindivanam
give & take suzzestions

Hi mahadev, i am sivakumar, basically horiculturist,doing farm consultant since 1992,my recommentation (u r not mension total area)go for tender coconut(3years),fencing border area go for timber value tree like kumil,mallai vembu(cattle feed) maturity period 7 to 8 yrs,go for high density plantation mango,guava,amla,in between area go for fodder crop with sprinkler system(for better growthproduction),sericulture,vermicompost unit,honey production(cross pollination,&income source),ornamental fish production unit (50% subsidy)etc, if any clarification ps call me: saroni agri clinic centre,M,sivakumar, 9994223396,8428840980,

Hello Aksya Ago Farm,

we are working on a intergrated farm in about 32 acres near acharapakkam, 30 kms from Tindivanam, please let me know your total area and other details we can be of mutual help.

Currently we are just into maize cultivation in that farm, we do have 5 acres of mango and just about to cut 7 acres of casurina, we plan for a complete model farm as we are very closely associated with lot of government projects.

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hi well wishers,

thanks for instant suggestions

we have  10 acres land in this past 15 years no cultivation,
we are taken 2 acres as model forming

first of all we are removing unwanted greenaries and fix the shape, leveled,dig well
fixed sprinkler & water channel
we started with sugar cane leafs& paddy mulching after decomposing used with cow maniure

Whats your email id?


Hi Antony,

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thanks for u r response
my e